Prayer of Thanksgiving!

Pastoral Prayer | By Bob Stouffer | EPC | Sunday, November 24, 2019


We are very thankful, Lord, as we enter Thanksgiving week.


We thank You for Your Word and the words of thanksgiving from the Psalms:


“We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks, for your name is near. We recount your wondrous deeds.” (75:1, ESV)


“. . .we the sheep of your pasture will give thanks to you forever. . . .” (79:13)


“Oh give thanks to the LORD. . .he is good, for is steadfast love endures forever!” (106:1)


“O give thanks to the LORD. . . .Let the redeemed of the LORD say so.” (107:1, 2)


We are the redeemed! AND WE SAY SO!


We thank You for Eastside Presbyterian Church, OUR body of Christ. Thank You for bringing us together as THIS body.


We are thankful for our pastors. Thank You SO MUCH for Mark and Geoff.


We thank You for a church which emphasizes prayer. Thank You for giving us such a heart for prayer.


We thank You for our employment and deployment, that we might represent you in the marketplace.


We thank You for gifting people to be entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, lawyers, stay-at-home parents, engineers, garbage collectors, roofers, landscapers, welders, construction workers, financiers, those involved in restaurants and retail businesses.


We thank You for sticking with Your plan — the church — the gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST the church. Help all of us to love Jesus more and to love the church more as Your chosen instrument of reconciliation.


We pray for those who are captured by false worldviews in the world — open their minds to the truth of Your Word and the truth of Jesus Christ.


We pray for those in our midst who are sick, poor, lonely, victims of injustice, the hungry, prisoners. May we be instruments of Your peace, ambassadors for Jesus, agents of healing, providers, friends to the friendless, influencers of justice.


We thank You for the marriages in this sanctuary and in this body. Strengthen EVERY SINGLE MARRIAGE to the point that only death will part us — and so other people will want to be married because of the testimonies of our biblical marriages.


We thank You for our children and grandchildren. Thank You for blessing us with them. May we obey the commands of Deuteronomy 6, loving you with our whole being and teaching Your truth to the next generations ALL OF THE TIME.


We even thank You for the messiness of life, so we can be the body of Christ — one to the other. I pray that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who is praying will make the extra efforts to step into the messiness of others in this body.


We are thankful for missionaries, who are even entering dangerous territories to speak of Jesus. We pray for their safety and Your favor on their ministries.


We pray for ALL OF US as missionaries — that we will be the light of Christ and speak the Gospel to others who need to hear and respond to the Gospel.


We are thankful for Gospel-centered worship at Eastside Presbyterian.. Thank You for Jesus — His sinless life — His substitutionary death — His triumphant Resurrection — and His SURE promise that HE WILL RETURN!


God, You own everything — time, talents, and treasures. Help us to be faithful stewards of these gifts with which you have blessed us — and for which we are thankful. We offer ourselves as living sacrifices to You, and we now generously and sacrificially return a portion of Your financial resources to You — so that we might advance the work of ministry in this church.


We pray all of these things in the mighty and matchless and unparalleled and all-powerful name of Jesus the Christ!



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